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Welcome to Enjin!

DIvinityGaming a posted Oct 2, 15

Welcome to Quantekk NEW

We Hope that you enjoy your stay and we hope that you will give us a like instead of a dislike. If you haven't noticed that the old quantekk (play.quantekk.net) Had went down :(. So this server is a recreation of that server to hope to get somepeople to join I hope that you enjoy!

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Welcome To Quantekk

DIvinityGaming a posted Oct 2, 15

This is a recreation of play.quantekk.net My name is Latex14 the owner of this That ip is only temporary until we get some donations. The reason why this is a recreation of the other quantekk is because a lot of people played it and had lost a lot of their work and if I keep getting donations doesn't matter how much money it is all donations are welcome. So please help us keep this server up and running!


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